La Visitación
Acrílico / Lienzo
90 x 120 cm

Exhibición: Vuelve a Nostros Tus Ojos



THE MAN: was born in Sagua la Grande, Cuba in 1973. He studied at the Nacional Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” in Havana and graduated in 1996. He lives and works in Miami, Florida. 

HIS WORK: As an artist living in Cuba, Jesús Nodarse have been working in personal and collective exhibitions since 1994. After graduated in 1996 he became professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts of Havana. He has exhibited in Chicago, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Beirut… He spent 2 years working full time for a gallery in the Middle East in Lebanon where his artwork is well known.  

THE CRITICS: Jesus Nodarse shows in his painting a lot of sexy characters without any intellectual sophistication, enjoying the pleasures of the simple life. Characters for whom “life is only one and you have to live it”. They feel no blush displaying their bodies, which “demonstrates the high esteem  they have for themselves, their vantage point, to feel superior” according to the painter. – Tony Piñera.