El Vestidito, 2015
De la serie: Fragmentos de una mujer.
Técnica mixta
38 x 18 x 19 inch

Exhibición: La Cadidad Nos Une

Fragments of a Woman is a look into the life and emotions of one woman.  This unique collection of sculptures, prints, drawings and photos delves into a woman’s life as a mother, teacher, wife, spiritual philosopher and creative being.  The format of this series and thematic revolves around the artist relationships and experiences.

That Little Dress is a powerful mixed media sculpture that reflects the artist’s personal experience and journey in Cuba.  The piece explores the artist’s coming of age and observations of her mother’s work as a seamstress and the difficulties faced while trying to leave a communist Cuba. 


Aimee Perez was born in Habana, Cuba in 1955. She left for the United States when she was twelve with her family through the Freedom Flights and grew up in Miami in Cuban immigrant community. As a young adult she won the Gold Key Award in painting and several honorable mentions as she continued her pursuit of the arts during her college years. In 1989 she moved to Mexico City and continued painting and exhibiting with Cuban and Mexican artist. In 1997 she was invited to participate as a guest artist in the studio of Mexican sculptor Jose Sacal and it is here she begins to work for the first time in 3D with clay. She returned to Miami in 2006 and continued her work winning several national awards for her figurative ceramics. Perez has been praised for her command of gestures making her sculptures expressionistic and powerful which combined with weaving and knotting techniques learned in her travels creates an organic symbiosis. She says her work is her voice, a dialogue with the observer and simultaneously a self-exploration. Her work can be found in many private collections in the United States and Mexico and in permanent collections including Florida International University Honors College Collection, Lowe Art Museum and Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama.


  • Miami Dade College
  • Endicott College – Bachelor of Science – Magna Cum Laude.

Recent Exhibitions:

  • 2023 – 36th Art Exhibition, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana
  • 2023 – Unlikely Assembly, NCECA 57th show, MOCAA, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2023 – Crown of Glory, James Wise Gallery, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Va 
  • 2023 – Outside the Lines, Carlos Saladrigas Gallery of Belem Preparatory School, Miami, FL
  • 2022 – Subverting materials, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas,
  • 2022 – Encounters, Aimee Perez, Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama
  • 2020 – Intus, The Morean Center for Clay, St Petersburg, Florida
  • 2022 – 35th Art Exhibition . Alexandría Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana
  • 2022 – The Figure, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY